The Salt Life: Women’s March in Sarasota 1-21-17 (by Sasha)

We will march in the footsteps of:


Are you planning to join the Women’s March scheduled for this Saturday, Jan 21, 2017, in Washington, D.C. or one of the other many  cities?

The marches are intended as positive reminders to our politicians that “Women’s Rights are Human Rights” and to promise solidarity with anyone who faces discrimination.

Jack and I plan to march with lots of friends in Sarasota and I’ll post photos and comments from our local event. If you are a local and are interested in joining us, check out the information at:

But meanwhile, I made the above graphic in honor of many of the women (but certainly not all!)  who are no longer with us and  who fought for women’s rights, human rights, and furthered our understanding of the meaning of equality.

I used a free program from to make this word cloud. Basically, you download the program,  upload or type in words (connect those that need to go together with a ~ sign and no spaces), choose a graphic to put the words into, and then you can tweak colors.

You are free to use mine or share it, but not to sell it. Better yet, make your own and march on…


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