Salt Life Photo Essay: Photos become Artwork (by Sasha)

There are so many wonderful photographic opportunities throughout Sarasota, that I want to introduce you to something a bit different:  a photo filter app named Prisma that works on Android and iOS phones.

The ‘Ca d’Zan (house of John) at the Ringling Museum

The upside is that the app is free, easy to use, and has 41 different filter effects (and endless possibilities because you can apply filter over filter.)

The downside is that it is addictive (but a great way to kill time in a waiting room or on hold for Comcast), the resolution is not great, and there are no descriptions for what the filters do–you just apply them and see the results.

So here are my originals with some of the filtered effects:

A pond and fountain at the Ringling:



The deck at the Bearded Clam Tiki Bar:



Lido Key Birds:


The Courtyard at the Ringling Museum, featuring the David:

And, I can’t resist, the artful Tibetan Terrier, Karma:

Have fun touring Sarasota and please share your own artistic works!

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