Salty Dog: SRQ Airport Rocks! (by Karma)

Yep. It’s me. Karma the Tibetan Terrier

Hey there canine friends (and human companions), did you know that SRQ Airport is a place where you can go?!?


I mean, of course, “go” as in “go potty.”


Not only are there two areas to walk outside the airport, (one near ticketing and one near the taxis by the baggage exit) but there is a place inside by Gate B2 where service animals and pets can use “the facilities.”


Just take a look…there’s the men’s room, the women’s room, and then our relief area. (By the way, why do humans call their relief areas “bathrooms” or “restrooms” or even “rooms” at all? I just don’t get it.)



Here’s what it looks like inside the service dog/pet relief area:


Pretty neat, huh? My only quibble is with the size of the fire hydrant…really?


Sure, Yorkies will love it, but a German Shepherd will really need to have good aim. Good thing there is a hose for humans to clean up the turf (or elsewhere) after you “go.”

But it’s clean, it’s inside, it has a view, it’s climate controlled, and it’s for us.

So a big AAARRRFFF shout-out to the humans at SRQ (and the consultants from Southeastern Guide Dogs) who remembered that whether you’re human or canine,  when you gotta go, you gotta go.

Now if only I could afford a ticket to Tibet…


2 thoughts on “Salty Dog: SRQ Airport Rocks! (by Karma)”

  1. Thank you Karma for that information! I trust that TPA will incorporate this facility in their new design. You see I frequent that airport for all my travel plans and would greatly appreciate a relief area within the terminal.

    Your forever friend JoJo


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