Salt of the Earth: Vintage Paws (by Karma)

On a sultry Sunday afternoon, I took my two humans with me to Yappy Hour at Motorworks Brewing in Bradenton.

Yep. That’s me at the event.


This is a fun place for dogs every third Sunday (1-4pm) not only because this brewery welcomes canines, but because they also sponsor fundraisers for local rescue organizations.

Today the featured nonprofit was a favorite of mine:  Vintage Paws.

Founded in 2012 by Jennifer Hummel, Vintage Paws is a Senior Dog Sanctuary.

It is a needed service because when dogs are aging or sick, or their humans are aging or sick, euthanasia (I can barely think about it) is sometimes the only option.


So Vintage Paws was created to provide a place for displaced senior dogs, either through foster care or adoption.

This event taught humans about the issue, and told them about the need for donations and for humans who can foster, adopt, or volunteer.

Some of the dogs waiting for a new home played with us lucky ones who already have one:

That’s Andy, who is very friendly and cute, posing with Jennifer Hummel, who is also friendly and cute.






This is Joey, a very sweet male. He has just the right amount of energy to be fun but is calm.










Lily and I sniffed each other and touched noses. She says she likes to be held.




I liked all three dogs and each really deserves a new loving home.

Since it’s the dog days of summer, there were lots of bowls of water around, a pool to stand in, and free biscuits (but I ate the popcorn instead.)

Daryl Hall of Vintage Paws shows off some of the dogs in need of placement.



The long range goal of Vintage Paws is to raise enough money for a new facility; kind of like assisted living for older and ailing dogs.





If you have opposable thumbs, (and I don’t), you can check them out at

Email Jennifer at:  or call at 941-921-4355.

Tell them Karma sent you. Arrrff!


3 thoughts on “Salt of the Earth: Vintage Paws (by Karma)”

  1. A comment from Gabby the Labrador Retriever: Yappy Hour–ha ha that’s a good one! My favorite brewery encourages me to me eat the popcorn that falls to the floor. Great cause–glad to see you doing such noble work, Karma.


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